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Hey you random internet mushroom~
I'm 14 years old gal from Finland. I cosplay Norway (Hetalia) and John Egbert (Homestuck). My fav fandoms are Homestuck and Hetalia mainly. I do follow other fandoms too. I have Tumblr too. (theres link for it) I adore BJDs. My dearest wish is to have one or two BJDs.´v`
This shit will contain so much spelling mistakes etc __: D

I'm so bored and my eyes are killing me. D:: Today my left eye's contact stucked on my eye and I couldn't get it of. It took 2 HOURS to get it out of my eye. D::: It feells so uncomfortable in my eye right now.

Well while I'm writing this shitty journal I could tell you all what have been going on in my life~ :33

I gave my lovely Shayaka baby to RudeBerry. .w. I still have her box and stuffs next to me. I'm too lazy to bring them to Rudie __: D

We have moved .w./ yay~ I have own room again~ :33 but i still haven't unpack most of my things _xDD We have been living here for a month~ :33

.....why am I pating my Norway wig...? .w.'''''

Let's forget that I just pated my wig, k?

I'm making my John Egbert cosplay~ :33 yay~ I can't wait for Kitacon I'm gonna gosplay John there. ;33 Only thing I'm worried about is that I'm gonna freeze to death 'cause I'll be wearing shorts and the Finnish winter is SERIOSLY FREAKING COLD specially here in Lapland. I also promised to learn to dance Gangnam style (the whole song) D::: I'm a horrible dancer and I don't even know why I ever said yes... But if someone does ship so crack and crossover shipping as John Egbert/Jack Frost you'll see it in Kitacon. : DDD I seriosly don't think that NO ONE would ship something like that, but who knows~ So like my gf cosplays Jack and I cosplay John and we'll not keep distance there xDDD (if ya know what I mean... >BDDD).

And here's something crack for ya Adam lambert/Robin xDDDD (please DO NOT start to ship that seriosly D::: )…
I really don't want to tell how I came up with that shipping u__u'''''

I had party hard with '~ByRoss98' (as I call her R-sensei) and Kaze-chan~ They teached me about Touhou (the game) and I told them about Homestuck (the webcomic) :33 I showed them this vid R-sensei didn't sleep that night XDDD We met ''our gays'' (a nickname for my friends~ .w.) at downtown (I don't know why I like word ''downtown'' so much x333). It was so fun~ x333 After that we went to my place and we played _MY_ Assassin's Creed 3~ :33 Kaze-chan and R-sensei falled in love with AC3~

I'll be taking few Norway pics for you all in this month~

I have to go now. Feed your mushrooms well .w./

Bai~ .w./

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Emberwavern Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013
Hello, I noticed you checked out my group today :iconthe-heroes:
would you be interested in joining? We currently need lots of people to join to make this an awesome fun experience. I would love to see you there. : )
srGitta Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012   Traditional Artist
thank you for the fav^^~
Dogsie Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
You're welcome~ ^u^
Epicmushroom Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012
hehe kiitos watchista <3
Dogsie Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012
Tiettyhän minä sinua seuraan, rakas neutri-tytär-poikani >:33

Arvaas kuka~ :---3
Epicmushroom Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012

hei jutta, luuletko tosiaan etten tunnistais sua? :'D vaimitätarkotit
Dogsie Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
Ei susta koskaan tiedä Tuuniseni~ XD
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